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Holly Hayden's 'H Miracle' – Is This Really the Miracle it's Made Out to Be?

Is Holly Hayden's 'H Miracle' really the miracle it's made out to be?

As promised in my first 2 blogs I have bought the H Miracle System and have read it from cover to cover, at the same time making extensive notes as I went through the chapters.

I can now give you an in-depth contents analysis of the entire course.

Product Overview.

The H Miracle system is an on-line program that enables the user to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids using purely natural remedies and products.
The book covers the whole spectrum of hemorrhoid conditions that can inflict a sufferer. It can offer you simple treatments dealing with the tell-tale signs indicating the start of a problem, or it can deal with lasting and permanent cures that can actually reverse the most serious cases - even those that are just about to involve the use of the surgeon's knife.
The range of proven remedies that you can utilise is quite amazing.
The common denominator of all these remedies is that the ingredients are relatively cheap and the methods of application simple. Potential side-effects are zero.
You are not going to be bamboozled in this book by long-winded medical terms; quite the opposite. You are going to be shown dozens of simple straightforward cures using everyday household items that cost only pennies in your local store.

Course Contents.

- 50+ pages of proven and time-honoured remedies to alleviate the pain of hemorrhoids.

- 5 extra information booklets on allied subjects such as natural health care, nature cure for common aliments, treating allergies naturally, and more.

- There is one remedy contained in the book that can shrink hemorrhoids totally within 48 hours! – this was personally used and proven by Holly when researching her book.

- NO temporary fixes! - they are all permanent solutions to your problems. One proviso to that though – you must follow the recommended instructions as set out.

- The 'Chinese' element is present in a lot of the cures. This is a good thing because it is well known that the Chinese 'have a cure for everything' and possess knowledge that we in the west have foolishly ignored in favour of going down the 'petro-chemical' medicine route.

- Some of the plants and herbs used are available in your own parks, woods and on roadside verges! How's that for off-the-shelf ingredients!

- The list of natural herbs, leaves, fruits, extracts, berries, ointments and salves listed in the book for the eradication of hemorrhoids is staggering. However, they do not all have to be used on every person and in every case, because our individual metabolisms vary both in the way we succumb to hemorrhoids and also in our reactions to the various herbs etc. being used. Human beings are all different.

- The book shows you many ways a sufferer can obtain instant relief for a wide variety of hemorrhoids. However, these 'short fixes' (e.g. for pain or burning etc) are always immediately followed up with more permanent remedies that treat both the cause as well as the effect.

- A lot of the remedies can be made up using ingredients that you already have in the kitchen; some can be found in your garden and others will have to be sourced in either your local store, or for certain remedies in a herbalist store. The bottom line is that the vast majority of the ingredients cost just pennies.

- The remedies outlined in the book will more often than not treat both the effects and the causes simultaneously - and this is where the second front of the Hemorrhoid attack is then opened up – the causes. These must be addressed; there is no way out of avoiding certain changes to your lifestyle - for me to tell you anything else would be nothing short of deceit. However, changes in that area do not have to be dramatic, you can make subtle alterations to both your diet and lifestyle gradually. But ignore the root causes and although you may get rid of your problem initially, as sure as eggs is eggs, it will come back to haunt you if the causes are not dealt with at the same time as the effects.

- For food lovers among us, there is an alternative menu section containing many tasty recipes that you can utilise in making subtle changes to your diet etc.

- One thing that you will not find in this book is side-effects. You can scour the pages from front to back and you won't find one. Petro-chemical medications are bad news for anybody and have no place in the natural eradication of hemorrhoids.

- Finally - included in the cost of the book is 24/7 access to Holly Hayden via email Helpline. She will answer any queries you might have about the treatments – I think this is invaluable.

The Author

Holly Hayden has done her homework on this book. No stone was left unturned in her search to offer the reader a successful and entirely natural answer to the problem of hemorrhoids in all it's forms.


The basic H Miracle system is yours for just $37. There is an audio option as well.


You have the safety of a 60 day no-quibble full refund guarantee. Whatever your reason for a refund, you will still be allowed to keep the 5 free bonus health books!

What I didn't like about the book

Not all hemorrhoid conditions can be remedied in 48 hours – only a few. So please don't think that everything in this book is a miracle. However, if you were to rid yourself of a particularly troubling case of hemorrhoids in just a few days or weeks, and then returned to a normal lifestyle, you might just think that it came under the heading of a miracle!

What I liked about the book.

This is a well laid out book. It has information bursting out of the covers that the hemorrhoid sufferer can start to use within hours of a purchase. It is a totally practical book that does not deal with theory - it only deals with facts and solutions.
For what you are given it is tremendous value and the ingredients it uses can be sourced almost anywhere. Overall I think the biggest plus of the whole book is the 24/7 email access to Holly Hayden that is included in the price. Knowing that you can talk about any aspect of the treatments recommended is very comforting indeed, and further confirmation that this is an extremely good deal.

Does it have my recommendation?

H Miracle gets a resounding YES from me.
It's openess and frankness is refreshing and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to
anyone. It is one of the safest all-natural treatments available on the market today.

CLICK HERE to order your copy of H Miracle now and get rid of your hemorrhoids for good.

Kind regards,

Tony Palmer

Why You Should Not Buy H Miracle?

This is a basic review of what is being offered to you with H Miracle – laying out both the negatives and the positives.

It goes without saying that anyone who suffers from painfull hemorrhoids is fed up with the itching, burning and bleeding; it is not pleasant at all for the sufferer.

And so when a new publication comes onto the market claiming that this is the answer to all your problems it is quite natural to wonder if what they are saying is really the truth.
Is it what you would like to hear, or is this actually going to be the answer to your problems?

H Miracle has an unusual name - but it also has some fairly unusual and very successful treatments contained within the pages of the book!
I think that perhaps I would not have called the book by that title, as miracles in my book are instantaneous.

In the book, hemorrhoid 'miracles' have to be worked at, but from what I have seen in the course, once the remedies are worked at and put into practice, the results could very well be called a miracle - especially if you had once given up hope of a lasting cure.
Don't let the name put you off, it is not a reason for rejecting either the book or it's contents.

The authoress Holly Hayden, is an official article columnist and independent remedy researcher based in Palo Alto, CA. She was once a hemorrhoid sufferer herself and it is the extensive research that she did for herself that forms the backbone of her book.

The H Miracle system is an on-line program that enables the user to treat both internal and external hemorrhoids promptly, and effect lasting cures within a very short space of time.
It relies solely on natural methods and does not involve the use of petro-chemical based medicines.
It is a fully downloadable e-book that comes with audio lessons together with relevant photos and charts.
In the information pages of the H Miracle website there are many testimonials, both written and audio from ordinary folk who have got rid of a problem that they once thought they would never get rid of. I think they are extremely encouraging messages from genuinely satisfied customers. However, I think we could have done without the picture of the bloke sitting on the toilet pan with his head in his hands! - but thereagain, it might not be far from the truth!

H Miracle comes with an 8 week money-back guarantee - what could be fairer than that? This gives you plenty of time to test out several of the treatments and decide if you want to continue or not.
You also have direct access to Holly Hayden by email should you wish to ask her about any aspect of the course you want. I think that alone speaks volumes about the openess and sincerity of both Holly and the book she has written.

The cost? The basic system is $37, with an optional upgrade if you want an audio version. The H Miracle system currently has a 96.4% proven success rate at eliminating hemorrhoids and I think you could get your money back 10 times over on what you save by not buying repeat prescriptions alone!

Negative points? I would be slightly cautious about their claim to cure hemorrhoids within 48 hours. Having said that though, there are several treatments outlined that can give the
sufferer rapid relief within that 48 hour time frame. Permanent and lasting cures for the more chronic and persistent conditions would of course take longer.

Do I recommend it? - Yes, without a doubt.

H Miracle is a complete manual for getting rid of hemorrhoids of all types and severity - completely naturally. Follow their remedies and you will say goodbye to your hemorrhoids for good. Can your doctor promise you that?

They offer an excellent free mini-course via email that gives you many tips and helpful suggestions for the natural relief of hemorrhoids that you can put into immediate practice. There is no further obligation involved and it is entirely free.

Click here to access the Free email Course now.

My next blog will be an in-depth contents analysis of H Miracle, where I will provide you with lots more background information on the many features and benefits of the Course.

Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

Tony Palmer

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is H Miracle a Scam?

Is the H Miracle a Scam?

'H Miracle' is a bold title for a book, and to get genuine relief in 48 hours would be the answer to many a prayer from the sufferer of hemorrhoids!
In my Review of H Miracle it is my intention to give you a totally unbiased analysis of Holly Hayden's book.
I will let you know of any negative points I find, as well as positive ones. It can be done in no other way if this is to be an honest and truthful review.
The author, Holly Hayden, has written the book using her own personal experiences of how she rid herself of this complaint.
This book is not written from the detached standpoint of someone who has never suffered from chronic Hemorrhoids, it is written from personal experiences that bring a refreshingly honest account of how she sought out a permanent and lasting solution to her ailment. She cast her net out far and wide in her search to discover an effective, natural and non-surgical answer to her problems.
She goes further than that though. H Miracle also lays down the long-term fundamentals of how anyone can avoid the return of hemorrhoid problems in the future. She delves into the root causes of hemorrhoids and does not just deal with treating the effects.
Hemorrhoids are becoming a major health problem worldwide; it currently affects 11 million Americans alone – slightly over 3% of the total population.
Over the course of the next couple of posts I will be providing you with a lot of relevant information about the the book itself and the treatments it puts forward - both what is promised and what is delivered.
At the end of my Review you will have all the information you require to make an informed judgement as to whether H Miracle is a scam, or a genuine blueprint to lasting hemorrhoid relief. Watch this space!

Until the next post.

Kind regards,

Tony Palmer

To go straight to Holly Hayden's H Miracle Website, Please Click HERE